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Established in 2017, we are a Registered Charitable Public Trust, aimed at providing theory and practical based healthcare education in India. We have a total of four affiliated colleges under our wings: IINR, IIHMAHS, ISER, and IIPSR. We make every effort to keep pace with the latest development in the healthcare sector and live up to the national and international standards of nursing education and its practical implications. Our line-up of colleges has an expert and highly educated team of faculty who instill a comprehensive fortitude of scientific understanding of the Art, Science & Spirit of Healthcare Education. Additionally, we also prepare students as future professionals who are competent to render holistic and quality services in all sectors.

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To address all human challenges in the healthcare sector with innovative solutions. Generate, dissimilate and preserve knowledge to tackle the challenges


  • Provide education that combines rigorous study and training
  • Develop in each member of the community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind



Nirmala Foundation has four institutions under them, who believe that professional education and training calls for sharpening knowledge and skills in specialized healthcare sectors to render quality services and maintain collaboration with other professionals.

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IINR is one of the four colleges under Nirmala Foundation. IINR aims to encourage an all-round approach to nursing education, which focuses on creating skilful and independent health practitioners. The learning environment draws from all the latest innovations in the sphere of global-healthcare. IINR has the vision to create a benchmark in nursing education, by blending in a well-furnished infrastructure, modern lab facilities, and an erudite faculty, along with providing students a hands-on experience in clinical practice through Monarama Hospitex, our parent hospital. This encourages accountability and commitment to lifelong learning which fosters improvement of quality care.

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Hospital Management & Allied Health Sciences


IIHMAHS recognizes its orientation towards a modern and innovative stratagem of imparting education in the sectors of Hospital Management & Allied Health Sciences. The institution seeks to empower students through a holistic approach, to encourage continuous education and research in the fields of health education and health services. With the facilities of an upgraded classroom, fully equipped laboratories, modernized infrastructure, and a well-stocked library, IIHMAHS has developed an infallible system of education within itself – responsible for providing an education based on scientific principles, relating to theory and practice in order to produce skilled, highly competent, qualified healthcare administrative & skilled health services professionals to face every challenge.

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Education for Special Children


Under an initiative of Nirmala Foundation, ISER advocates the right for special students to have equal access to education. It aims to not only impart education to them but also hone life-skills as a part of vocational training, to make them adept in various professions. The act of welcoming special children to the mainstream requires a little more effort put in by the Special Educators at ISER that makes a difference. Our Special Educators utilize a need-based curriculum, including a range of therapies, for each special student to help them develop skills and knowledge at par with the mainstream.

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Pharmaceutical Science & Research


International Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Research (IIPSR), located in West Bengal, is one of the premier institutions for pharmaceutical education and research in the country. The college has been established this year, with the mission to transform the sphere of healthcare education. It is located on a beautiful sprawling campus that encourages students to adopt modern technology and knowledge. With its erudite faculty and skill-based learning system, the institution opens up great opportunities to practise the art and science of pharmacy both in the country and abroad. Its curriculum is designed to equip future pharmacists with professional capabilities so that they reach great heights in the booming healthcare sector.

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