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Report Your Monthly Payment, Boost Your Credit Score


Our credit builder loans are designed to finance and report your monthly program payments to the credit bureaus

You build credit history and satisfy your monthly program payments obligations at the same time with a Fresh Start Plus Loan. Payment history is the most important factor in the FICO score. Our credit builder loans should be particularly helpful for consumers who have previous delinquencies and are trying to resolve their old debt and rebuild their credit at the same time. You build credit by making on-time payments.
According to Experian: “Credit-builder loans ..can help restore credit if you have negative marks, like missed payments, on your credit report. By making on-time payments, you'll show lenders you can be trusted to take on other lines of credit in the future”
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Enjoy the benefits of a Fresh Start Plus credit builder loan with three-bureau credit reporting without taking on high interest credit card debt
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Three Unique Features of the Fresh Start Plus Loan Programs

Our unique secured credit builder loan program reports your monthly payments to the credit bureaus. You meet your program obligations and build credit at the same time.

Build credit and save money

Payment history makes up
35% of your credit score

Our Fresh Start Plus credit builder loan will build positive payment history with the credit bureaus. Pay monthly and on-time. Reporting your monthly payments to the credit bureaus can lead to a better credit score.

Build Credit Without Expensive Credit Card Debt

Fresh Start Plus is a great option to help you build credit if you find credit card interest costs too high and are having difficulty qualifying for a traditional unsecured loan. Traditional lenders typically consider your credit score and history, prior delinquencies, credit utilization, debt-to-income ratio and employment and tax history among other criteria. If you have a recurring monthly payment obligation, you will qualify for a Fresh Start Plus credit builder loan. Our application process is short and simple and there is no credit check required. Fresh Start Plus offers a variety of flexible credit builder loan solutions to meet your monthly payment obligations cost effectively.

You want to get out of debt? We can show you how.

  • Simple Application (No application fee)
  • No credit inquiry and quick approval
  • Loan payments match your program payments
  • No upfront deposit and low monthly cost
  • Credit bureau reporting
We help you build credit without having to take expensive credit card or unsecured debt and give you the tools and support to realize your financial goals. Over time, you should be able to regain access to affordable traditional credit.

Our Loan Programs

Our unique Fresh Start Plus loan programs are applicable to a variety of programs that have a recurring monthly or periodic payment obligation. We will design a Fresh Start Plus loan to finance your program costs and report your monthly program payments; your loan payments will closely match your monthly program payments.
You satisfy your monthly payment obligations and build credit at the same time. Repaying your old obligations and building credit do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can kill two birds with one stone with a Fresh Start Plus loan.
Payment history is the most important factor in your credit score. Your monthly program payments often will be one of the largest and most consistent payments that you will be making every month, but is not included in your credit score and does not help you build payment history. By reporting your monthly program payments to the credit bureaus, you get the credit reporting benefits of a consolidation loan without the high interest costs.

The Fresh Start Plus Advantage

Life happens ….. Fresh Start Plus can get you back on track