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About US

About Yogam

Yogam is a Sanskrit word which means “addition”. At Yogam, we are comprised of energetic and highly motivated wellness experts whose objective is to promote both mental and physical fitness and wellness. We believe in delivering a fit and healthy lifestyle that you are otherwise deprived of.

Service we provide

Our Services

Premium Strength Equipment

Life Fitness Premium Quality equipment are used which are by far the best in the market.

Natural Health Supplements

We promote natural health supplements that help you to stay fit without causing any harm to your body. We do not promote any steroids or artificial supplements.

Apt Gym Equipment

From weight loss to strength build-up, we provide equipment that motivate you to come to the gym everyday.

Proper Fitness Regime

As soon as you enrol, we provide you a complete diet chart and a fitness regime that help you achieve complete fitness. Along with that, we provide a kit which consists of a bag, a towel, a wrist band and a sipper.

Effective Special Classes

We provide Martial Art classes along with Zumba and Pilates, which enhances fitness as well as your confidence.

Developing Mental Health

At Yogam we believe that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing. We help address both through Yoga.

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Prosenjit Das

Experience: 7 years


  • Gold Medalist in 2017 Sr. Mr India.
  • Silver Medalist at International level IHFF.
  • East India Gold Medalist.
  • All India University Bronze Medalist.
  • 9 times State level Champion and Champions of Champions.
  • Brand Ambassador of two brands - #VIVAFITNESS & #BODYLINE

Focus: Net Training, Dietitian.

Diet Suggestion: Homemade food along with supplements like Multivitamins, Calcium and Omega3.


Rahul Dey

Experience: 4 years


  • Certification from ISSA Yoga Fitness Academy in Pilates, Aerobic Endurance, Functional Range of Motion.
  • IFA CLASSIC (WFF) overall Gold Champion Junior & Senior 2019 (INTERNATIONAL).
  • Body Power 2018 overall Gold Champion.
  • Overall Bengal Champion 2018.

Focus: Aerobic Endurance, Stretching, Sports Yoga, Pilates.

Diet Suggestion: Veggies and fruits, cut down on sugar, maida, and junk.


Neelkamal Paul

Experience: 5 years


  • Certified from NIFS in CPR, Stretching.
  • WBBF(district 1st place).
  • Mr West Bengal (2 place).
  • Participant in Fitexpo 2016 and 2017.

Focus: N/A.

Diet Suggestion: Complex carbs (oats, brown rice, whole green atta), Healthy fats (nuts, olive oil).